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尤里斯献压哨绝杀 太阳险胜凯尔特人NBA regular season continues, the Celtics on the road to 106-109 against the sun, the young Taylor Uris hit the buzzer lore. Green army team six players cheap nba jerseys in double figures, Isaiah – Thomas 35 points and 5 assists (distal 14 points), Jay Claude 16 points and 10 rebounds, Jielun – Brown 14 points and 6 rebounds and 3 assists, Terry – Rosier 14 points and 4 rebounds, Amir – Johnson 13 points and 8 rebounds and 3 assists.

The first section opened, third minutes and 38 seconds, Thomas pass, Amir – Johnson three points and shot hit. Sixth minutes and 6 seconds, German – Jay Rebko Booker in shooting foul, gave the Celtics 2 free throws. Ninth minutes and 25 seconds, there passes by Alan Zeller, Williams steals. The Celtics launched wholesale jerseys a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 18 rebounds, including 7 offensive rebounds, including one with 5 zele rebounds. Celtic three points, such as rain, the whole team this season to cast a total of 11 points and three points, but the hit rate of only 36.36%. The first section of Harding Park, the Celtics lead to 22-19.

The second section back, third minutes and 9 seconds, foruris pass, Alan – Williams jumper. Sixth minutes and 54 seconds, Barbosa passes, Thomas steals. Ninth minutes and 43 seconds, Smart cheap nba jerseys foul in the Brad rope shot, giving the sun 2 free throw opportunities. The sun launched a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 16 rebounds, including 4 offensive rebounds, Alan – Williams a person with 4 rebounds, with the basket edge counter ultra get 7 points ahead. At the end of the half, the sun turned over to 49-42.

Easy side battles the second half, third minutes and 59 seconds, Brown ball, Claude hit a jumper. Fourth minutes and 17 seconds, German – Brown Booker in shooting foul, gave the Celtics 2 free throws. Seventh minutes and 9 seconds, Ollie Nick passes, Alan – Williams steals. The Celtics wholesale jerseys repeatedly attacking the basket, get 16 free throws, 10 free throws, the hit rate reached 62.50%. After the three quarter, the Celtics to 77-81 temporarily behind.

In section fourth, third minutes and 2 seconds, German – Thomas Booker in shooting foul, gave the Celtics 3 free throws. Third minutes and 41 seconds, Du Delhi gave away the ball, Rosier steals. Eleventh minutes and 19 seconds, Claude with outstanding individual ability breakthrough layup sun defense area. The Celtics launched a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 19 rebounds, including 7 offensive rebounds, one of which Claude on the market would contribute 3 rebounds with basket advantage will narrow the gap to 3 points. Celtic three points, such as rain, the whole team this season to cast a total of 10 points and three points, but the hit rate of only 30%. The Celtics repeatedly attacking the basket, get 12 free throws, 10 free throws, the hit rate reached 83.33%. At the end of the game, the Suns cheap nba jerseys  beat the Celtics by 109-106 to win the game.

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NHL-始祖六队信仰战 红翼3-2加人摆脱倒第一

2016-17 NHL regular season continues, the two decline of the aristocracy pedestria, Detroit red wings to Vancouver, challenge cheap nhl jerseys fourth in the western part of the Canucks, eventually they once ruined two ball leading situation with Abdel Cade lore overtime to win 3:2, the Canucks, and off the eastern countdown to the first position. Captain Henrik Zatebeli sent two assists as the biggest player in game.

The two teams in the past few days has sent more than the main players in this game, Vancouver Canucks sent veteran Ryan Miller as a starter, the game is likely to be his last game on behalf of the Canucks, Yannick Hansen at the last moment to leave the team roster, the team subsequently completed with the San Jose sharks trading. The red team is no accident sent on cheap jerseys from china . The opening fourth minutes and 36 seconds, Detroit red wings xianbatouchou, young Andreas Athanasiou and Frans Nelson played with subtlety, which received the team’s pass from the right side of the Vancouver Canucks breakthrough defense, he hit a very tricky shooting goalkeeper Ryan Miller ball, dart top right corner, hit the post after the bomb inside the net. The 1:0 team is leading the red wings.

Behind the Canucks began to counterattack, Aaron Alex Adler in the backcourt instigated continuous offensive, but the red wings of the defense team is very solid, did not give people cheap nhl jerseys good chance. Eleventh minutes and 41 seconds, the Red Wings play much less chance of victory, and young Asa Naci Jo success in steals, Captain Henrik Zatebeli found the weak side ambush Frans Nelson, who received the captain’s exquisite assists shot after 2:0.

Near the beginning of the second quarter, Vancouver Canucks pulled one back, Seding brothers made a continuous transfer in the bottom zone completely exquisite, attracted Red Wing defender’s attention, Daniel Sadin cleverly return to follow Markus Granlund, who shot to break the deadlock, 2:1.

After scoring the Canucks morale, a group of red team Seding brothers launched the red storm, the door was in jeopardy, tenth minutes Nelson had violated the Henrik Sadin to destroy the Canucks scoring opportunities. Until the second quarter, the red wings by Nelson assana – two where the Xi you Vaneck counter attack, they will continuously Canucks players pressed on the blue line, forcing the Canucks cheap jerseys from china only to break the blockade of foul red wings. But the two sides did not change the score, the red wings take a 2:1 lead into the third quarter.

In section third, behind the Canucks continue to occupy the field active fourth minutes post shot distance captain Henrik Sadin, red wings escape. But seasoned visitors did not defend 1 ball superiority, seventh minutes, they won the game third times a little chance, although the Canucks to resolve the Our wills unite cheap nhl jerseys like a fortress. threat, but they have set up a red team morale. Ninth minutes of red wings forward Riley Cheln goal for the team to expand the score nearly shock.

Seventeenth minutes and 13 seconds, with the use of a little chance finally tied the score, teenager Reed Bouchet qianchangduanqiu after pulling the ball at the time, before the closure of goalkeeper Peter Mulazek pick the ball into the goal, 2:2. At the last moment, both sides have obtained some opportunities, but did not break the 2:2 score, the game into overtime.

Extra time to forty-seventh seconds, the Red Wings won the chance to play much less valuable, clever assists before the United States team member Justin Abdel Cade to captain Za Te Bailey, in front of the door to poke the ball into the door guarded by Miller, the final by virtue of cheap jerseys from china overtime lore, red wings beat added to 3:2, the table off the eastern bottom first position.