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     Beijing time on February 5th, according to the Boston globe reported that former celtics star, is now playing for the Los Angeles clippers Paul Pierce will be in Beijing time tomorrow to return to the north shore of TD garden, and it will be his last visit to here, because at the end of the season cheap jerseys nba he will end his career for 19 years. Pierce recently admitted in an interview with the player’s identity for the last time to dream the place to start, his heart must be mixed feelings.

     “Then I would have mixed feelings, because I know this will be the last time I visited the north garden as a player.” Pierce said, “when the last time I set foot on the pitch, I will think of those who have fans, grow together cheap jerseys with me during those years I had the opportunity to establish friendship with them. So the feelings that I would.”

     Selected by the celtics Pierce in 1998, has for 15 years of his career in Boston’s gold time is given up cheap jerseys nba to here. In an interview, Pierce said he was lucky to work for Boston, and he will always cherish the deep-rooted green army years.

     “I want to stay here (Boston), and put his name in the history of Boston,” Pierce said. “people here are very patient cheap jerseys with me, is that they are looking at me a little bit better, I feel that in the past years the city has been very tolerant to me, very lucky in here for a long time, want to know how many players can not get to in a team for such a long time.”

     Actually before del piero career ten years, the celtics in decline, they is about to fall to 06-07 season to the history of the bottom, they only 24 win of the season, the bottom in the east. But in 07 annual leave via Kevin garnett and ray Allen to come to their rescue, the cheap jerseys nba celtics rebound quickly, after a season in a 66 – win the regular season after the top, they are in the finals 4-2 on aggregate after beat the lakers to a championship, which became the piero best memories in my heart.

     “Before getting a championship in fact I don’t think they (have the opportunity to become a member and a history of the great green army),” Pierce said, “all of the jersey number garden hanging in the north is part of a championship team, when we get the title of that a moment, I really feel is already cheap jerseys a part of the history of Boston, want to know if there is no title, no matter I take out again good data is also not much practical significance.”

     In 15 years, the green army Pierce can contribute 21.8 points and 21.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists, and he has been here for 10 all-star, and one championship and a finals MVP.

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