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大丈夫能屈能伸 考神遭恶犯主动做“软妹”

     The king’s home court against the pelican, 22 wins and 32 losses and eighth of them in the Nuggets only 2 wins, career has never been to the playoffs cousins is bound to want to meet her the most love coach of the season their first taste of the playoffs.

     The face of the league’s most talented and hope of insider Davies, today’s game is still a strong performance in the exam, firmly defended his territory in the basket. Not only does he have a high personal attack, but also shows a good chemistry cheap jerseys  with his teammates, the audience contributed 28 points, 14 rebounds and 7 assists, and led the team to get a winning streak of three.

     The first section of the first test God sent assists, and then to step back jumper, buckle up…. various kinds of attack means Qi battle, get 7 points and 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steals and 1 blocks. However, there are 1 minutes of this section, the test of God because of elbow action to eat a technical foul, which is his season cheap Jerseys free shipping this season received a technical foul for the seventeenth time. If another T, he will be suspended again (before Celtic because for not playing). The frustration of the test to take the initiative to return to the locker room, apparently to calm himself down, he knows the team needs their own, especially a rational self.

     Test God had no choice but to break it once during the pelican will lead expanded to 9 points. However, back on the field after the exam was continuous but God pelican’s Corelle Cunningham and Hilde cheap jerseys as the victim of malicious attacks, to test God to control himself, and therefore the opponent be whistled, Hilde was sentenced to foul penalty. Due to the continuous foul opponent, test God to get a lot of free throw opportunities, he also use their own holding force to let his teammates to play the king by this wave of momentum to score only 1 points. 8 in the second half of the God of God in the 3 to get 14 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists.

     At the beginning of the second half of three the King three points tied the score and completed over continuous, directly stop the pelican. In fact, since Hilde was sent off, the momentum turned to the king’s side, they directly hit a wave of 36-6 counterattack wave. However, today the referees seem to have been exposed to distrust of Cousins, in counterpoint cheap Jerseys free shipping and eyebrows brother in two consecutive test God was whistled for an offensive foul, and eyebrows to test God almost the same elbow action has escaped the referee’s whistle.

     Through this series of attacks, after Pelican tied the score, and then test God stand out: first is a middle distance, then a turn shot to help the team the lead again. The second half of the last 3 minutes, four points Geliande eyebrows, then test God in the basket under the gap unhurried back to Barnes, helping the team to two points! At the end of the game to Pelican cheap jerseys cousins tactical foul, test God firmly hit two free throws, the king will lead this wave prior to the final.

     In the occasion of the upcoming all star game, has come to the second half, in the Western Conference debate contest, all star center Cousins led the king to the next city. Although the game has been malicious foul opponents cheap Jerseys free shipping , but Cousins has been aware of the control of their emotions is a more favorable approach. In order to win the big goal, when the day is “soft sister” and why?

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