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屡送妙传激活科沃尔 詹皇运筹帷幄巩固榜首     Beijing time on February 9th, with Lebron Knight – James’s stable play in walking away win over, the old is not a color, but wins in the stable, sent out 9 assists he completed the series in today’s excellent team.

The day before yesterday on the road after the battle knight defeated the state of the recent popular Washington ended a run of seven consecutive wins opponents. Today they will also be on the road to challenge a team in the previous seven wins. Recently cheap jerseys nba made seven straight walking has been away from the lottery, the younger they are now have more ambitious goals, it is across the Knights of this mountain, and the Bill Russell cup back to Indiana in the future, and they do today in the home court showed enough heart.

The opening game stage, I do not know whether it is trapped in the physical reason, knight spirit feels not on the pitch. After the opening ten minutes, they have been behind cheap jerseys the road at a distance of 15 points. James first opponents limit is very fierce, the single got only 4 points.

However, for a mature championship team, this test does not beat them. James in the second quarter began to charge, he has instigated outside Kyle Korver and Frye hit three points, namely single brush 5 assists, he can always find cheap jerseys nba a breakthrough in the murder, timely find his open teammates and teammates just sit back and enjoy”. By the end of the second half, the Cavs have narrowed the gap to 6 points.

If the knight day offensive for walkers is crisis, so the knight set off in the third quarter of the offensive for walkers is like waves. Jim Huangben Festival complete release me, he led the knights cheap jerseys in the third quarter to win the match 22 points, then the balance of victory has been completely tend to their side.

Distal game, James’s play still brave, he not only repeatedly assists Kyle Korver three points go well, is also unambiguous and on a personal attack, with his end there are 1 minutes and 43 seconds off jumper cheap jerseys nba in the distance race game in final judgement on 15 points, the final Knight walking on the road in the advantage, further to consolidate its eastern top position.

For this game, although James scored less than Owen Kowal, but his series is obviously. Take this hot state in which he hit Kyle Korver, today’s 8 record three points, almost half of the recipients in James’s pass. Lebron James – career for more than ten years always has the ability to make cheap jerseys his teammates like James, a tiger with wings added, can you accept?

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