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     One up, home court the patriots who fought the first choice to play some defense. Two consecutive three out, with Dezhou again three outs, patriots gradually found their rhythm. Tom Brady long and wide receiver Chris Hogan earned defensive foulball 30 yards for interference. After Chris and Hogan ball 22 yards, eventually running back Duhem Lewis with short rushed for 13 yards, a touchdown, leading the Patriot 7:0.

The people of Dezhou in the half to convert three to 18 yards, fortunately, not cool patriots cornerback Eric Lowe, blown malicious charges, gave Dezhou a first attack. After quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor completed five consecutive short code, enter the red zone. The ultimate player Nick – Novak hit 33 yards free kick, Dezhou 3:7 patriots. Dezhou kick-off, Duhem – Lewis 98 return yards touchdown, Aigo 14:3 Dezhou. This is the first in the history of the Patriots record playoff kickoff return touchdown.   In the second quarter, the Dezhou people had to kick the ball and the Patriots attacked again. Brady shot, former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Freud failed to catch the ball, the ball after cheap jerseys Freud hands rebounded after Dezhou cornerback Boyer steals A.J.. Take advantage of this opportunity, Nick Nick – Novak hit 27 yards free kick, Dezhou 6:14 patriots. Dezhou again kick-off, this time Duhem Lewis dropped back to attack the ball, Dezhou picked up on the 12 yard line on the ball. Finally Bullock Oswald Wheeler cross found tight end C.J. Feiduoluoweici, 10 yard touchdown pass. Dezhou people take advantage of the two mistakes of the Patriots, to 13:14 only behind the score of 1.

After the two teams have three out. Patriot attack, Brady rushed came under pressure shot, long pass found wide receiver Chris Hogan for 45 yards. The kick out of range, Brady was killed, the Patriots had to punt. The people of Dezhou and a third out, conversion of the ball, the Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman completed 48 yards long ball, helping the team directly into the red zone. This is his seventieth career playoff record ball, breaking the Patriots record. The first half two minutes left, the Patriots advancing to the score line, but the three did not into the end zone. They had to send kicker Stephen guest Sikorski, hit a 19 yard free kick. The Patriots went into the second half cheap jerseys with 17:13’s score.The second half of the Patriot attack first, and three out. Dezhou people running Lamar – Miller ball 17 yards, after entering the Patriots half they can not continue to advance, had to give up playing. Patriot began to attack in the 10 yard line, Julian Edelman continuously complete the ball, respectively 26 and 14 yards in advance. Wide receiver Chris Hogan ball 21 yards, running back James White catching a 19 yard touchdown, Aigo 24:13 Dezhou.

Quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor try passing line deandre Hopki, who was passing German – Maikaodi steals tour. Julian Edelman, the ball 26 yards, then failed to advance into the Patriots free kick shot, was forced to punt. Bullock Oswald vhailor the long pass cheap jerseys found deandre Hopki scored 19 yards. Oswald and Wheeler himself rushed the ball 18 yards. In midfield, Bullock Wheeler Oswald shot long will Fuller, Fuller in the end zone in Dezhou failed to complete the ball, people were forced to punt.

Brady’s pass was tour guard Andrea Hal steals, Dezhou people get the ball on the 34 yard line patriot. Competition into the fourth quarter, Nick – Novak hit a free kick of 46 yards, Dezhou 16:24 patriots, only behind the score of 8. After the Patriots punt near the midline, Aus Ville got the chance to tie the score, but the first time he passes this attack was Rogan Ryan steals. Running back Duhem Lewis 1 yards rushing touchdown, then he completed a touchdown catch, a return touchdown and cheap jerseys a rushing touchdown, become the first person in NFL playoff history. It also helps patriots 31:16 ahead of Dezhou. Dezhou people still can not find offensive rhythm, once again out of gear. Patriots receiver Julian Edelman left 12 yards rushing, wide receiver Danny Oman Dora and rushed the ball 15 yards, kick into the range. Duhem – Lewis hit the ball when the ball, fortunately, teammate guard Joe – Sonny picked up the ball. Kicker Stephen guest ‘hit a 42 yard free kick, Aigo 34:16 Dezhou, victory.

Left in the game 6 minutes 37 seconds, Dezhou people can only do the final struggle, Aus Ville led the team into the second pass, aigo. Second 5 yards, Aus Ville was long Qiang Wei Dulong steals Harmon. Immediately after the end of the game, the new England patriots home 34:16 victory over Houston, Dezhou, for sixth consecutive years to enter the finals. Next week they will return home court against Pittsburgh, between the Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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